Frequently Asked Questions



How do I dispute an infringement notice?

To dispute an infringement notice, please email your complaint to

Please state your infringement notice number and registration details.  Appeals need to be received within 14 days of the infringement notice being issued unless extenuating circumstances apply.


I have a business car park that needs 24 hour monitoring. how do i arrange this?

Simply get in touch with us at  and we will get in touch with you within two business days and explain how our contracts, pricing and portal works.


how do I terminate my contract with parking services limited?

You can terminate your contract with Parking Services Ltd at any time with no fees or penalties.


Someone has parked in my private car park. How do I go about having a vehicle ticketed?

Simply take a photo of the illegally parked vehicle with the vehicle registration plate and upload the picture to our free portal.  We will then send out a $95 enforcement fee to the owner of the vehicle.

To do this you must have signed a contract with Parking Services Limited and have PSL signage on site regarding our parking enforcement services. 


what happens if I do not pay my breach notice?

Non-payment of infringement notices will incur extra fees per reminder.  Debts not paid within 21 days will be referred to our debt collection agency at a rate of 25% + GST plus 2% each month that the debt is outstanding.



How can I send physical documents to you?

You can send mail to our postal address:

PO Box 11022
Palm Beach
Papamoa 3151

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